Language is the key
to education & integration.

Free language support for children from 0-3 years

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Känguru organizes language courses in German for children aged 18 - 36 months. The children resort to an acquisition mechanism that enables the acquisition of the language at native level. Due to the early start, the phase of intuitive learning is used. Directly, parents support their children in the acquisition of first mother tongues by speaking to the children in their native language. The native language skills of the family are valued and supported.

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Rhythm and speech melody are the keys
to rule acquisition of a language.

Information for parents

Our free Kangaroo language courses are open to all families who would like to help their children learn "German". Children must be between the ages of 18 - 36 months and accompanied by a parent or caregiver. A Kangaroo class consists of about four children and their parents. It takes place regularly, at least once a week, in a daycare center, family center or toddler group.

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Information for facilities

We reach the children "in the neighborhood". The Kangaroo courses take place independently of the integration of the children in an institutional setting. Intensive networking enables access to the potential families. The Kangaroo courses take place in the premises of the Child Protection Association, family education centers, family centers, church communities, refugee shelters, the AWO, InterKultur, etc.

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