Language is home.

Känguru is the first concept in Germany that uses rhythmic-prosodic learning with very young children according to a standard didactic concept.

Our mission

We would like to make our Kangaroo language program available to all affected children in Germany to provide education, freedom and home for them.

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What we do

Känguru organizes language courses in German for children up to the age of 3. The children resort to an acquisition mechanism that allows the acquisition of the language at native level. The early start takes advantage of the intuitive learning phase. Directly, parents support their children in the acquisition of first mother tongues by speaking to the children in their mother tongue. The native language skills of the family are valued and supported. German language skills of the parents do not have to be present. In this way, we enable the children to develop stable bilingualism in an educational partnership.

We will soon also be offering the language course Känguru-plus! for children aged 3-6.

Rhythm and speech melody are the keys
to rule acquisition of a language.

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