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The Känguru course is conducted by specially trained professionals. The training of the specialists is carried out by the "Känguru - Frühkindliche Bildung" gGmbH".
If you are already an educator and/or have the qualification as a speech therapist, speech therapy pedagogue or a comparable degree, the training is shortened to two days. Depending on your previous knowledge, the training may take up to four days.

Afterwards, the trainer can start conducting courses. During the three-month qualification phase, parallel coaching sessions take place on site. The training takes place as classroom training or as online training.

We publish the dates for classroom training on our website. We are happy to conduct training at your location. Email us at info@kaenguru-sprache.de if you are interested. We have designed two different ways of online training to become a certified kangaroo trainer.

1. kangaroo trainers* who have already completed a pedagogical training :

If you have already completed a pedagogical training, go directly to "Early Childhood Language Development" as well as "Working with the Kangaroo Case". You can work on the modules as often as you like. After successfully passing the final test, you will receive the certificate "Certified Kangaroo Trainer".

2. kangaroo trainers without previous pedagogical education:

If this is your first pedagogical education, you should complete all modules. After successfully passing the final test, you will receive the certificate "Certified Kangaroo Trainer". With this early childhood education you have acquired a basic qualification as a childminder. In many federal states it is possible to start working as a kangaroo trainer now and to complete a further 30 hours of practical training while working.

If you have questions about this, write to info@kaenguru-sprache.de. Prerequisite is the training as an educator with experience in language support and/or the qualification as a speech therapist, speech therapist or a comparable degree.

The first phase of the qualification comprises up to four training days, depending on previous knowledge. Afterwards, the trainer can begin to conduct courses. During the three-month qualification phase, parallel on-site coaching sessions take place. After completion of a course accompanied by the trainers, a further training day takes place, at the end of which the certificate for "Kangaroo Trainer" is awarded.

Module 1

Psychology and
Educational Science Basics

30 hours

Module 2

Dealing with conflicts
and children's rights

30 hours

Module 3

Speech rhythm and
Interaction in German
+ exam

30 hours

Our training package for trainers

Kangaroo ...

... is material for promoting language development.
... is based on the latest findings of
language acquisition research.
... trains language in communication.
... trains auditory attention and speech rhythm.
... is geared to the children's strengths.

All educators in daycare centers can purchase the education kit. It is certified by the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (ibugi) in Bonn.

Material and the training for the Kangaroo Language Training can be obtained from our KRAFT partner publishing house for 498 EUR as an educational package.

If you want to change the password of your account, you can find the explanatory video here:

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Frequently asked questions

Does Känguru meet the criteria of the Lower Saxony Orientation Plan?


Is the course suitable for language support staff?


Is Kangaroo useful if language support is already taking place?

Speech therapists are responsible for language errors, not for a lack of language skills. Other language promotion games promote with other methods, the more language promotion takes place, the more likely learning success is assured.

What do I need the certificate for?

- in the context of a pedagogical study for the proof of credit points
- in the context of a self-employed activity as a kangaroo trainer / childminder for the application of bridge funds
- for the own curriculum vitae
- as advertisement for the day care center

What content can be found in the e-Training?

- Basics Psychology
- Educational Science
- Early Childhood Language Development
- Dealing with Conflicts
- The Practice - Working with the Kangaroo Case with Video Instructions
- Playing
- Test and Certificate

Is there a course for 4-6 year old children?

Kangaroo Plus is currently under development.

Should the language games be done in a specific order?

Yes, the didactic sequence follows the typical language acquisition of young children.

Are the language games also useful for children without a migration background?

Yes, all children who learn German benefit from Kangaroo.

Do the language trainers have to speak perfect German?

An accent-free German pronunciation should serve as a model. A dialect (Bavarian, Hessian, Saxon...) does not interfere with learning German.

How long should the language games be conducted?

For a year, if possible, until language successes occur.

Is it possible to catch up on language acquisition at a later age?

In infancy, children learn intuitively and very easily. At a later age, other methods are required, see Kangaroo Plus.

Can I offer language support integrated into everyday life?

All language games contain instructions in the educational folder for transfer to everyday life. Other toys can be supplemented well, e.g. doll clothes in the topic of category formation clothing. A children's cooking class lends itself to the topic of compound words. For example, you can prepare banana curd, lemon curd and strawberry curd.

Do the parents have to speak German with the children?

No, parents should use their native language correctly and not speak German with wrong grammar, wrong sentence melody and wrong word stress.

Do the children have to choose a language?

No, children can learn several languages at native level if they start early.

Why do I need body percussion?

The body percussion lets the children experience on all their senses how the words are formed. They hear, see and feel the word rules.

Why are many rules explained using animals?

The children should focus on the rules and not on different topics. Otherwise, the rules will not be transparent.

When does the vocabulary expand?

With the exercises on verb derivations and compound words, the vocabulary expands. With the categories, words are stored in a findable way (food, furniture, vehicles, clothing...).

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Feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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