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Do you also have many children in your facilities who do not speak sufficient German, who do not have the necessary/or sufficient knowledge of German? Then enable the families to attend a Kangaroo course!

The Kangaroo program is particularly effective if it is implemented before the child enters kindergarten. However, since most children do not attend kindergarten until they are 3 years old, the period of most effective learning of one or more languages (upon entering kindergarten) has almost passed. If children still have insufficient or no knowledge of German at this point, learning German takes a lot of effort on their part. The children then lack these resources to take other learning steps. Steps that children with German as their native language are already taking at this age. It is also much more difficult for the educators to deal with these children. The basic task in kindergarten is to provide each child with sufficient input in terms of quality and quantity.

The Känguru program Känguru-plus! uses a new mix of methods to reach children between the ages of 3 and 6 in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Kangaroo-plus! is in the starting blocks and will also be available soon.

Rhythm and speech melody are the keys
to rule acquisition of a language.

Our training package for trainers

Kangaroo ...

... is material for promoting language development.
... is based on the latest findings of
language acquisition research.
... trains language in communication.
... trains auditory attention and speech rhythm.
... is geared to the children's strengths.

All educators in daycare centers can purchase the education kit. It is certified by the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (ibugi) in Bonn.

Material and the training for the Kangaroo Language Training can be obtained from our KRAFT partner publishing house for 498 EUR as an educational package.

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